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Who We Serve

Investors living coast to coast

Active Financial Solutions, located in historic downtown Moberly, services clients from coast to coast. We are skilled at leveraging technology and can conduct business 100% virtually. For clients that want to meet face-to-face, it is often possible for us to come to you. For us, it is not location that matters, but access. We take pride in making ourselves available, however our clients prefer.

Investors who are focused on managing their wealth

We are here to help you manage your money whether you are just starting out, have accumulated wealth over time, or had the good fortune to win the lottery, inherit, or otherwise attain your money. No matter your age or current asset level, we can work with you to diversify and manage your wealth.

Investors who want a personalized financial plan 

We are committed to developing a financial plan tailored to your current assets, long-term goals, and stage in life. Our plans are as diverse as our clients. No two people are the same, so no two plans are the same. Whether you are just getting started or have significant investible assets, we work with anyone that appreciates the value of financial planning and the importance of investing. We believe that the planning process should never end.

Investors who want an understanding of their investment options

The financial industry is full of jargon and technical details, and a seemingly endless number of investment options. Regardless of your level of knowledge, we strive to educate our clients so they can make informed investment decisions. We will use terms you can understand when discussing your financial future. After all, we want all our clients to be confident knowing they have made informed decisions.